Plain Crocks


These crocks are finished in a "Bristol" glaze. (cream color) The one gallon crock is a cream color inside and out. The two through ten gallon crocks are finished with the cream color on the outside and a brown glaze on the inside. All crocks are "food safe". Crocks are stamped with gallon size, ie. "5 gallon" on the outside. Crocks will ship in 3-5 weeks. If you prefer to send check or money order, please go through the shopping cart until the final page and print it. Then, send your payment along with the printed order to:

Step 1.
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10 gal.*
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16" x 15 1/2"
13" x 12"
13" x 11"
11" x 10"
9" x 9"
7" x 7"

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*If you are ordering a 10 Gallon crock, is your zip code 87000 or higher? Yes

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